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April’s Bag Of The Month: Vintage Dior.

When choosing April’s bag of the month, the choice was pretty obvious. In the past few weeks we have received the most incredible piece of Vintage Dior. This beauty took my breath away in all its raffia floral glory. It is a Dior bowling bag in raffia fabric, with the most incredible lime palm green trim and of course the stunning floral motifs. From the silver studs at the base, to the glorious stitching on the handles, each and every part of this is perfection.

For anyone who is a Dior fan, this piece is a limited edition, from the John Galliano era of Dior. Armed with its limited edition serial number, we know this beauty is a rare find and truly something special.

To me, I feel like this is not a bag that was made to be worn once in its lifetime, this is a accessory which was designed to travel the world; taken on all your holidays as a summer staple. Something that is so bold, it automatically goes with everything you own (even if it really doesnt.).

If you love fashion and all the history that goes with it, this is a work of art which even if isn’t to your taste, we can all appreciate.

Take a look at this Dior Raffia Floral Bowling Bag on our website now! 

April 25, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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