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August’s Bag Of The Month; Gucci Bamboo Daily Tote, Red Blooms Edition.

August's bag of the month is an absolute showstopper. For over 60 years Gucci has had a love affair with bamboo, and teamed with our love affair with the Gucci Bloom prints this Gucci Bamboo Daily Tote in the red blooms pattern is certainly a all round success.

Gucci has an entire collection dedicated to their bamboo products, and their most noted bamboo handle bag has been worn by the likes of Princess Diana and many more influential figures. So the shout out to the bamboo theme as featured on this bag through its twist lock closure is like an honourable mention to an old friend.

Taken from the Autumn 2014 collection, we think this tote is actually the perfect August companion. It feels fun, warm and tropical. It fills you with nostalgia whilst still bringing a young playfulness to the design. There is definitely no better August Bag Of The Month.

Shop the Gucci Bamboo Daily Tote here.

August 01, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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