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Autumn/Winter 2021: Armcandy Style.

As we await our summer to finally kick off, the looming concept of the coming autumn seems to be arriving pretty quickly, perhaps before we have even had chance to feel like summer was here. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Autumn arriving means that fashion week is on its way, and with autumn fashion week comes all the summer 2022 collection goodness to push us through the coming winter. However, it also means we can enjoy all the gorgeous trends set for us earlier this year, for the next few months. We have handpicked some of our favourite trends, and of course our favourite Armcandy to pair with it.



As the cooler months descend, you can often find yourself wrapped in tights and jumpers at 9pm, and then feeling as if you are about to melt by midday. However, the art of layering makes this cooky climate that bit easier to deal with. Also, done well, layering can look über stylish, especially with a chic small crossbody slung across your torso. So, that is why we have chosen this little Coach Crossbody to go with Chanels excellent example of layering for this Autumn.


Chanel 2021


Coach Crossbody

Quilted Textures

What is more comforting than a snuggly, warm, tactile quilted coat? Well it seems this year is the quilts time to shine. With quilted coats, jackets, vests even trousers making an appearance, we certainly have a selection of quilted beauties which embrace this trend with timeless class. But for today it has to be our Saint Laurent Vicky. 


Longchamp 2021


Saint Laurent Vicky


Evening Wear

Now is it any surprise that evening wear has become one of the biggest trends for the winter of 2021/22? Of course not. All of us are dreaming of attending those cheese and wine nights, parties and cocktails in a dimly lit bar on a chilly night. There’s nothing like it and we definitely miss it, so it’s time to retrieve your finery from the back of the wardrobes and prepare for the good times to come. With perfect timing, we have just received the most irresistible See By Chloé evening drawstring bag, which metallic tones will look perfect on a winters night out. Our inspiration came from Versace. 


Versace 2021


See By Chloé Crossbody 


August 15, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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