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Bag Of The Month, November: Hermès Piano Bag

November, the month when we have to take our head from its place buried under the sand and resign ourselves to acceptance; Yes, it is indeed winter. That is how some of us, at least, feel. However, some look forward to the cosy scarves, long coats and crackling fires. Personally, although I’m certainly more of a summer girl, I definitely feel my most elegant in the winter. I seem to wear my favourite outfits, my smartest boots, I decide my face could do with some bronzer and my hair would benefit from styling. I think we seem to go out more extravagantly too. Cocktail evenings, parties, theatre trips and meals out all seem to be more frequent. So as the season closes in on us, Armcandy have something supremely special to lift your spirits.

The Hermès piano bag was released in the 1940s and manufactured through to the late 1980s. It has an accordion style structure, fastened shut by two pins to buckles which pull open to reveal the interior. This interior is perfectly thought out and designed. Beneath the pocket press stud fasten there is an ‘M’ stamped subtly into the leather. This ‘M’ tells us its year of manufacture, which is 1957. Yes this bag was made in a year ‘All Shook Up’ by Elvis hit the top 50, the first frisbee was released and Russia launched the first earth orbiting satellite Sputnik. When you dwell upon the life this bag may have lead, you truly realise how incredible it is to be a part of fashion history and heritage, and the emotion attached to it. It would be wonderful to see this Hermès piano bag begin it second life, and what much better than November? Party season is starting and it cannot wait to get out.

October 31, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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