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Bag Of The Month, October: Jerome Dreyfuss Igor

‘Fair-and-square, Igor is practical and functional. He’ll win the hearts of women on the go 24/7!’

These are the words to give a brief description of the Jerome Dreyfuss Igor on their very own website. I honestly could not say it better myself.

The Igor creates a sturdy and practical satchel style cross body all whilst keeping a cool and interesting look, so you don’t lose any of the awesome flair of Dreyfuss’ designs. Jerome Dreyfuss designs bags in male, female and unisex styles, with one of his key goals being to achieve something which is both user-friendly but still looks seriously cool! One of the unique ways he does that is through adding a flashlight and keyholder to his bags. How thoughtful!

With their classic styles not normally moving from the website, variety is achieved through changes in fabric texture pattern and colours. If the design ain’t broke, don’t fix it! What we love about these designs is that style is never compromised by practicality and vice versa, so you always get the best of both worlds. That’s why we love his styles and were so excited to feature the Igor as our bag of the month.

Click here to shop the Igor.

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October 03, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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