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How is Armcandy Bag Co Curated?

When you take a look around Armcandy’s collection, there is a wide variety of brands, styles, materials, colours and price points. This is due to the careful selection of products which are chosen to feature in our physical and online store.

So, how is our collection professionally curated and what are the requirements?

Firstly, we tell anyone thinking of parting with their beloved Armcandy, bring it in! Whether you just bring it into store or send us a photo on our email, we are happy to take a look at anything. As we have such a wide range in our shop, there is never just a certain look that we stick to, however there are always certain things we know will have a home within our client base, and some we politely decline as we perhaps aren’t sure if its forever home is with us.

Even though each one of our gorgeous bags are preloved, we still make sure they are in a lovely condition. Varying from never even touched to comfortably worn in, all of our bags still look beautiful and each are individually inspected and given a rating in regards to their condition, even with their own video to show up close any imperfections or details we think people would be interested in knowing. If we take a look at bags that are just too worn for our customers, then these are also products we would politely decline.

Whilst deciding whether or not a bag is the right fit for us, we deeply research a suitable price point for the bag, all dependant on the brand, style and condition. This means the knowledge gained over time from researching so many bags becomes priceless and can all be banked for future bags coming in. With over 25 years of experience of this process, Tamara now has a wealth of knowledge which makes her selection for Armcandy a labour of love, full of fine tuned choices with individual customers in mind.

So, with so many hours of time, research and energy, Armcandy’s collection is curated with perfection.

August 29, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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