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How our business is getting through COVID-19

On March 23rd 2020, a Monday evening, the British government instructed that the entire country (excluding necessary services) go into a locked down state. That meant for our Armcandy store that our doors would have to close for an unknown period of time. Of course, we knew it was all for the best, but some did wonder if this may be the kiss of death for small businesses much like ours! So, how has Armcandy dealt with the ins and outs of of restrictions and lockdown?

As the doors closed, the shop was immediately transformed into Tamara’s private office, and it also gave her another gift, precious time! These months gave the chance to organise stock, process bags and paint and decorate the space... all whilst still taking in new stock! Due to Armcandy’s prevalent online presence, more and more bags were being sent to us, because whilst we were using our extra time to sort out, you guys were too! As our stock grew so did our online sales, our ‘small’ business was continuing to expand and grow.

At last, after 3 long months of closure, on the 30th of June Armcandy opened its doors, armed with a shop full to the brim of fresh new stock, a continually increasing stream of orders and a brand new staff member (me)! We put into place appropriate social distancing policies, fresh gloves for handling the Armcandy (reusable of course, each pair is immediately quarantined after use and taken home to be washed and sanitised), a hand sanitisation station and staff PPE. 

As the country has gone in and out of lockdown and various restrictive tiers we have got pretty good at rolling with the punches, adapting to provide people with safe and alternative ways to shop, such as click and collect and curb side collections/drop offs.

So, even though these past 12 months have been pretty terrible for many reasons, a huge positive for us is seeing our business go from strength to strength, all thanks to our incredible customers. So from us to you, thank you all so much for your custom, messages, follows, views, likes and whatever else you have done to engage with us! We wouldn’t be here without you!

Lots of love from the Armcandy team xxx

February 14, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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