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Ever since I can remember, I’ve been reading ‘how to’s’ on sale shopping. In my mums magazines as a young girl, in my own magazines as I grew older. And more recently via online blogs. Every article says the same thing, and not once have I agreed or found it useful. I have the kind of style that is best described as ‘how I’m feeling today’ and dressing in ’classics’ brings me out in a cold sweat! And so I think the time has come for me to write my own ‘how to shop the sales’ guide. 


1. (Usual advice: don’t buy ‘fashionable’ items. Use the sale to invest in more expensive items, such as a cashmere camel coat).

My advice: Use the sales to try those of-the-moment styles that you’d like to dabble in.

Reason: If you are the sort of person that likes camel cashmere coats you’ve probably got a few already. Your wardrobe staples are already duplicated in your wardrobe. And so this is the time to buy that half price pink velvet trouser suit with embroidered bees on it, because cost per wear means that at full price it’s too frivolous a purchase. See also red and white spotted handbags and pleather leggings. 


 2. (Usual advise: Shop in places that are a price bracket above where you normally shop).

My advice: Shop where you normally shop. 

Reason: If you shop instore (independents obvs), continue to support them. The sales assistants know your size and taste, and know which of the things you’ve been looking at are coming into sale or might be further reduced in 2 days time. If you shop online you’ve already prepped what you want to buy, and can keep it in your basket ready to swoop. 


3. (Usual advise: Stay focused, make a list and stick to it).

My advise: Have fun.

Reason: If you’ve received prior knowledge that the things that you need/want are going to be reduced you can plan. But that white linen dress that you lusted over all summer might unexpectedly have two thirds off, and should therefore definitely be purchased, out of season, ready for next Augusts Ibizan holiday. 


In conclusion. Feel free to be tempted by a new skirt length or a bag with a different strap to your usual preference, because sale shopping should be fun, keep you updated and stop the slippery slope that is The Style Rut. Happy Sale Shopping!

December 24, 2018 — Tamara Green

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