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Mulberry Small Darley

The humble Mulberry Darley is truly a little pocket rocket. With an array of bags, purses, wallets, pouches, satchels, belts and even gloves; the Darley is one of Mulberry’s most diverse range.

Incredibly popular, the bags and purses of this collection all have the mulberry signature postman’s lock. The original Darley has 3 sizes, small, medium (the original Darley) and large. The Darley Makes for a great alternative for somebody who wants to invest in a Mulberry Icon, but a Bayswater doesn’t quite fit their needs.

Mulberry Darley Small

The smaller, envelope styles create a more minimalist approach. The Darley feels slick, organised and chic. The miniature postman’s lock is adorable and feels modern and smooth when being used. I personally see the Darley as an ultimate bag. The chain creates a elegant and glamorous feel, making it perfect for an evening or occasion, yet it also certainly wouldn’t look out of place on your daily errands, or at your local coffee shop.

When you look at the Darley range, you see the practical purpose of each item, but never do they lose their luxury and style for the sake of practicality. With the Darley satchel, cosmetics pouch, belt and purse looking like they would fit perfectly slotted within each other Russian doll style in my summer wardrobe, I’m starting to think I may need the entire collection..

Mulberry Darley Satchel

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June 13, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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