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May’s Bag Of The Month: Balenciaga City.

May; the month where spring has officially sprung and summer feels oh so close. With multiple bank holidays, it’s the month where the soft tops come down and the bikes come out.

This month at Armcandy we have a signature motorcycle chic style available at our store, and it feels like the perfect bag to feature as Mays ‘bag of the month’.

Balenciaga City Small.

The Balenciaga City range is Balenciagas most notable range. Stitched handles, bold studs, leather tassels all add to the biker style, and the pocket mirror included in each bag seems like the perfect fix for helmet hair. The vast selection of leathers and colours are also well worth a mention, Balenciaga have really nailed opening up a design that could become niche, into a rainbow of colour collection that has truly become a classic for different women everywhere.

With 20 years of women carrying this bag on their shoulders, it’s safe to say our love affair with the Balenciaga City isn’t just a fleeting moment, it’s a long term love with a lot of life left in it.


Take a look at our Balenciaga City Small, and the video review to go with it. 

May 16, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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