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Oh Wow 🤩

Oh wow, you've got us to the finals! Thank you so much! 

We were thrilled to be nominated, and we genuinely didn't expect to get to the finals. But, well, here we are! All of the votes have been reset to zero, so now we have to ask you again: if you like what we do, please vote for us... dare we hope to win????

Muddy Stilletos started in the Summer of 2011 by founder Hero Brown. The plan? To write a witty but indispensable guide to the very best restaurants, walks, boutiques, day trips, hotels, interiors, and events. You know, the places that you might actually want to go to (as opposed to some guides where only one out of ten attractions might interest you). Their website has grown up to have a beautiful lifestyle-magazine aesthetic and is split up into Counties, so you can make sure that what's on offer is close to home. And of course, is a very helpful addition to planning the best staycation this side of Covid.

A big thank you to whoever anonymously nominated us for the competition in the Best Women's fashion Store category in Leics/Rutland. And the hugest of thank you's to all of you that then further nominated us and got us to the finals 😘

What happens next? We are one of 5 finalists in our category, and we would love your votes! If you've ever bought from us, sold with us, visited us, chatted to us on Instagram, commented on our YouTube... we need you now more than ever! 

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June 01, 2022 — Tamara Green

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