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Be Kind

Sustainability. Eco. Responsible consumer. Responsible business. These words have entered our consciousness like never before, but what do they mean? 

From the beginning of Armcandy in 2016, me and Joe wanted to create an eco sustainable business. But what does that mean? And how is it achieved?



In 2016 we took a month off and went to our favourite Island, Ibiza. We rented an apartment, and pretended that we were locals. Early morning runs before the sun became too fierce, fresh orange juice and pastries for breakfast, chores in the morning (grocery shopping for me, reading the paper for him), lazy lunches under bougainvillea clad terraces, and then hitting the beach at 5pm for sunbathing and long swims in that sparkling, warm sea.




Over the years we have traversed this beautiful White Isle, and this visit we managed a visit to Santa Gertrudis and Bar Costa for their world famous tostados. And of course, the equally famous... lowest chairs in the world (if you know, you know 😉). After an epic lunch we stumbled across Es Cucons and I fell in love with this sign. I loved that it was made of metal. I loved the colours, and I loved the words... they resonated with me. I connect these words with Joe, his kindness was one of the first qualities I noticed about him all those years ago when we were young. I could get very gushy here, but I'll spare you! Suffice to say, this Be Kind sign had to come home with us and has rested on our vintage, Marilyn Monroe lined, glass cupboard ever since.



In 2016 we launched Armcandy, and this Be Kind became our ethos, our mission statement. We wanted to be kind in every way: kind to each other, kind to our team, kind to our customers and clients, and kind to the environment. Of course since 2016 the words Be kind have been added to hundreds of slogan tees and slogan mugs. And in our thousands we wear these words and drink out of them because we like it. Because we agree. Because it works.

Read how we're implementing our Be Kind ethos


June 06, 2021 — Tamara Green

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