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Why buy preloved?

It seems to me that people buy preloved for all sorts of reasons. For some it's a pragmatic, cost effective way to buy. Or maybe a case of lemonade money and champagne taste.

For others it's about the thrill of the chase, the thrill of the search, of one off pieces of beauty waiting to be found amongst other less desirable objects.

And then there are those who are a sucker for a story. Sentimental. For whom a precious piece that has already been treasured, means life has been infused into it, and increased its worth. 

Add to this the desire to reduce our negative impact on our beautiful planet. A little bit of reusing can make a huge difference.

I fall into all of these categories. I have always loved nice things, always loved shopping and always had a clear idea of the look and style that I wanted. I still have every cinema ticket stubb for every film I've ever been to, so I guess that's the sentimental box checked.

                                     Preloved Store Shop Front

When I first started my preloved store, 21 years ago, the phrase 'preloved' had yet to be coined, and second hand is how it was described. Over the years it outgrew it's sad connotations and became something to be proud of, a trophy. 'Look at my Chanel scarf and Vivienne Westwood shoes, I found them in this cute little 'new to you' boutique and they look fab with my last season Zara skirt' was starting to be what everyone strived for. Head to toe in one designer was now considered passé and mixing it up was the new black. For lot's of us this has always been our look, and how wonderful to be able to look to fashion magazines to be inspired instead of inhibited.

Our Armcandy venture is in an era of a new word - preowned. This aptly describes the bounty you will see here. Our bags show little or no sign of wear. They have all been checked for authenticity. And what you get is a luxury bag for a fraction of the original cost and the knowledge that your gorgeous 'new to you' has been 'preloved', is not costing the enviroment and can settle into your existing life and wardrobe, where it's story can continue.

Jerome Dreyfuss Lifestyle Photo                 Moncler Poppy Lifestyle Phot0 Dior Floral bag Lifestyle Photo                 Vintage YSL Bowling Bag

February 09, 2018 — Tamara Green

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