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Why is everyone so mad for Mulberry?

We’re often asked what are the most popular brands at Armcandy. Well, several spring to mind (Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull is our most requested bag, and it feels as if EVERYONE wants us to source them a Gucci Marmont!). However, there is one that really does trump the others; Mulberry. People LOVE themselves a Bayswater. However, who is the genius behind this iconic brand? 

Mulberry Daria Hobo

In 1971, Roger Saul was sat at his kitchen table in Somerset, England. He had a £500 investment from his mother and with that he began making leather buckled belts. It truly did start off as a family affair, as Mulberry’s distinctive tree logo was actually created by his sister, it was representative of his love of nature and his core value of family. Thus started the beautiful growth of an incredible, iconic British brand. Other accessories were rolled out over the following years, and eventually in 1979 a full womenswear line was rolled out. 

Mulberry Bayswater In Rose Petal

Mulberry’s identifiable qualities all come back to its quintessential English inspiration, combining the rich heritage of both town and county. Their styles are timeless and are truly designed and constructed with all the needs of the respective owner taken into consideration. When you buy a piece of classic Mulberry you needn’t worry about it going out of style, that’s why they call them classics! 

Another reason we hugely admire Mulberry is the incredible quality they produce, their products are crafted to last. Buying preloved Mulberry is incredible, because of the confidence you can have in the items ability to last you. The styles and leathers Mulberry use wear beautifully. These points combined give hard evidence as to why Mulberry is the people’s favourite.


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Mulberry Lily             Mulberry Bayswater in Graphite

February 07, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden
Tags: mulberry

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