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Your Brief Guide To Handbag Leathers

 When choosing your perfect peace of Armcandy, it can be quite confusing to try to work out what distinguishes the various fabrics, and what makes one better than the other? Well, we have picked a few of our common leathers we get in our shop and given a little info to help you decide for yourselves!

Saffiano Leather

True Saffiano leather is made of the highest quality calf leather. The process involves wax being distributed across the surface of the leather and then a crosshatch design being imprinted into the wax, creating the classic look we distinguish as saffiano leather. This style of leather is designed to be water resistant, if not waterproof. What makes this leather special? Is was designed by Mario Prada. Yeah, that Prada.


Epi Leather

Epi leather Is deeply connected to the Louis Vuitton brand and is used almost exclusively by them, as it was designed by a Vuitton. Similar to Saffiano leather, it is a pressed leather made by pressing a texture into the sealant on top of the leather.

It has become one of the brands most popular styles of leather and is likened to looking like grains of weed in the field due to its movement and texture. Again, this style of leather is brilliant for wearing well and proving to be element to proof.


Pebbled leather

Pebbled leather is often one of the most tactile leathers. This is because it is often created from soft leathers, and the finishing process, which is stamping the leather, creates a bumpy surface which looks like small pebbles grouped together. Due to its texture and its natural un even surface, pebbled leather is brilliant for disguising scratches and marks, so it wears beautifully.


Napa Leather

Napa leather is a general name given to leathers of various animal hides which have a smooth, non textured surface. When used correctly, the term napa indicates a product of high quality, such as the napa leather products at Armcandy.


Suede Leather

Suede Leather is made from the underside of the animal skin, meaning it is softer, more pliable and more delicate. It’s signature look is due to its napped (fuzzy) finish. Suede leathers are not as water resistant as most leathers and may mark more rapidly. The most common suede is from lamb skin, but cow, goat and deer hide are also often used.


Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather is similar in appearance to suede, but it is actually made from the top grain of the skin, which in Nubucks case is usually cow. It is sanded down to give the appearance similar to suede, but because it is made from the outside of the hide, it is thicker and harder, making it more durable than suede, but not as soft.


Patent Leather

Patent leather is a style of leather in which a chemical coating is placed on the surface of the leather in a finishing process. Due to the style of patent leather solely taking place in the finishing process, it can use a variety of different hides as its base. The shiny coating of this leather makes it virtually waterproof and incredibly durable.

April 11, 2021 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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