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Anglomania at Armcandy!

Anglomania at Armcandy!

The story behind Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Anglomania’ collection, but what does ‘Anglomania’ mean? We’re here to tell you.
September 27, 2020
YSL Dali Lips

Tom Ford and YSL Create History

The inspiration behind this piece of YSL history couldn’t be more relevant than it is in 2020!
September 20, 2020
Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama Infinity Dots Lockit

Who Is Yayoi Kusama?

When Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama collaborate, beauty is inevitable. But what inspires this critically acclaimed artist?
September 17, 2020
Mulberry Bayswater Nappa Leather

What is nappa leather?

I’m a lover of soft fabrics. I like cashmere knitwear, silk scarves and brushed cotton pyjamas. So obviously, for me, a nappa bag is right up there! But what is nappa leather? Who invented it? And what are the benefits of it?
May 02, 2019
What’s the goss on Mulberry’s Amberley?

What’s the goss on Mulberry’s Amberley?

The Amberley Family of bags was introduced by Johnny Coca... but what was the inspiration?
April 04, 2019
Who is Jérôme Dreyfuss?

Who is Jérôme Dreyfuss?

Who is this man who was labelled “the enfant terrrible of French fashion”? And what sparked him to start designing bags?
February 22, 2019
Piggy Bank with notes

My Top 5 Tips for Selling Preloved

Piggy bank with notes 


I’ve worked in the preloved/preowned fashion industry for over 20 years and I’ve loved every moment of it! Some take to selling like a duck to water, but others find it a difficult skill to master. Here are my top 5 tips on how to make selling your unwanted yet still beautiful things, a pleasure not a pain.


1. Seek out your vibe and your tribe

With sooooo many bricks and mortar and online consignment boutiques it can be hard to find the one thats right for you. So ask for recommendations from friends and family. Visit the store to see if your things will fit their vibe. They will have done extensive work to make sure their tribe is attracted to them, so if you fill a different niche you're better off going else where. It doesn’t mean your bounty is no good, just that it will suit a different stores customers better.


2. Use your agents pricing knowledge

We all have the tendency to believe our goodies are worth more than the reality. So be guided by the agent, they know current values and more importantly they know their customer... possibly had relationships with them for years. It’s perfectly acceptable to have reserve prices for special items, but if you go in with a list of prices for everything, it indicates that you’ve missed the whole point of using an agency. It’s their job to do the pricing, part of the commission you pay them is for their expertise in knowing what the customer is willing to pay. 


3. Be quick to let go

We all have those forever pieces in our wardrobe that we’ll never let go. But as for the rest, sell them on before fashion changes. And in this fickle world that can mean a quick turn around. So understand what the agent means by ‘no more than 2 years old’. Simply put, no one wants your low rise baggies from 1990, this time round they are cut differently.


4. Be prepared

Once you’re in the habit of reselling you can should get wise to the advantage of keeping certain artefacts. If you’re selling designer bags keep all receipts, dustbags care docs and anything that proves its authenticity and original price-this makes it more saleable. If you're selling designer garments that you cut the label out of, keep the label to be given to the agent. It can be shown to the customer and give validation that it is the designer you claim it to be. 


5. Spread the word

we can have the tendency to keep it to urselves when we find a special selling space. But if we shout about it, it helps create a buzz and more customers find it, increasing your selling chances. It will also increase your likelihood of finding something delicious to spend your winnings on! 

February 11, 2019
Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Lockit Yayou Kusama

How To Shop The Sales, The Alternative Guide!

Of all the ‘How To Shop The Sales’ I’ve read, I have never found any of them useful! So I’ve written my own, for those of us who’s style cannot be described as ‘classic’!
December 24, 2018
Chanel Flap Bag on Armcandy Bag Co

Reissue v 2.55

Ever wondered what is a Chanel 2.55 and what is a reissue? Is a Chanel Classic Flap the same as a 2.55?

Coco Chanel designed her first bag in 1929. In February 1955 she changed handbag history. "I was fed up with holding my purses in my hands and losing them, so I added a strap and carried them over my shoulder" Coco is reported as saying in Coco Chanel by Justine Picardie. For the first time it was considered acceptable for a woman of considerable social status to carry a bag on their shoulder.

The bags were made with the mademoiselle lock, so named because Chanel never married, and the double CC lock didn't appear until the 80's, under Karl Lagerfelds watch. 

So, what's what?!

2.55: Coco Chanels original design with Mademoiselle lock and metal chain.

Reissue: 2005 special edition that Karl lagerfeld reinstated as an exact recreation of the original to celebrate Chanels 50th anniversary (most people refer to all 2.55's as Reissue, but it correctly refers to only those manufactured in 2005).

Classis flap: flap bags with CC lock and metal & leather strap that follow the designs of Karl Lagerfeld from the 80's.

Want a brief resumé?

1910: Gabrielle Chanel opens her first shop in Paris Rue Cambon selling hats

1925: Coco Chanel designs the interlocking cc logo

1929: Coco Chanel designs her first handbag with chain straps and jersey quilted fabric for herself

1955: Aged 70 Chanel releases the first 2.55 flap bag for sale with quilted leather and metal straps

1971: Coco Chanel dies

1983: Karl Lagerfeld joins Chanel as artistic director and designer of ready to wear, haute couture and accessories

1984: Karl Lagerfeld redesigns the CC lock, creates the 'Classic' flap bag with an interlocking CC turn lock and woven/chain straps

1986: serial numbers are added to all bags

2005: Chanel releases the original 2.55 for it's 50th anniversary and calls it the reissue 2.55 

Want one?! Have a look at our Chanel bags.


August 23, 2018
Uber Cool Pop-up

Uber Cool Pop-up

You know those cool women, you know, the ones who exude coolness from their pores?! Well, we’ve only gone and bagged (get it?!) ourselves a pop-up with one of the coolest of the cool!

 Ginger Kate Preloved Interior


Katie Jones, of Ginger Kate Preloved has the most beautiful clothes for sale in her shop, which is a room in her super stylish home (seriously, it’s worth coming just for the interior inspo 😍) just 3 minutes drive from the town centre in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. She sells Isabel Marant, Alice Temperley, All Saints, Cos and Zara to name just a few.

 Ginger Kate Preloved


And on Saturday 4th August we’ll be rocking up with a selection of our armcandy. Think Mulberry, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton... 🙌


Gucci Continental wallet Gucci Soho Disco Wallet


We’ll be there from 11am till 4pm. If you want the full adress get in touch with me, either by email, Instagram or Facebook. 


Bring a friend and come and have a peruse and a coffee with us.


You can follow Katie on Instagram here. 

July 20, 2018