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The Mulberry Icons And Their Name Sakes

Over the years, Mulberry has fully established itself as an iconic British fashion house with an incredible background of creating repeated hits with their leather expertise. With their ever growing collection, they have still labelled a few items on their website ‘Icons’- and just as you’d expect, this is their collection of most popular Mulberry bags which are dearly loved within the Mulberry family. A few have some very personal meanings behind the names, so here are a few of them.


Mulberry Bayswater

Created in 2002, the Bayswater was Mulberry’s biggest hit since their journey began. It immediately became a must have for front row fashion spectators. Named Bayswater after the area in west London, this piece would never look our of place against the Georgian town houses and beautifully cared for green spaces.

Mulberry Lily

Created in 2010, the Mulberry Lily was Mulberry’s inspired piece which truly combined the day to evening gap in the luxury bag market. This classic was named after model Lily Cole. With a chain strap adding elegance, the lily has a playful shape and of course, the iconic postmans lock, which makes it the perfect piece to never look out of place in any situation. A true ode to a super model off duty.

Mulberry Alexa

Created in 2010, the Mulberry Alexa was created and dedicated to model and now designer Alexa Chung. Previous to this gesture, Alexa was seen toting a mens vintage Mulberry Briefcase around regularly which looked incredibly well loved. With such a beautiful attitude to Mulberry’s history, its not a surprise that Mulberry created the Alexa (which has been re released for their 50th anniversary this year) to really reflect the youthful playfulness of Miss Chung herself.



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July 01, 2022 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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