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Beginners Guide To The Stella McCartney Falabella

One of our most common queries received at Armcandy is regarding the sizes of the iconic Falabella. The tote, foldover tote, shoulder, zipped shoulder and many more, we are spoilt for choice in this collection, however the sizes can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the perfect falabella for you.

So, we have devised an easy to follow guide for you Stella lovers to help you along your luxury journey. You’re welcome!

Let’s start off simple, The Falabella Tote.


Maxi Falabella Tote

Height: 45cm

Width: 46cm

Depth: 12cm.

Standard Falabella Tote

Height: 37cm

Width: 46cm

Depth: 12cm

Mini Falabella Tote

Height: 26.5cm

Width: 23.5cm

Depth: 10cm

Tiny Falabella Tote

Height: 18cm

Width: 17.5cm

Depth: 6cm

Fold-over Falabella Tote

Height: 37cm

Width: 36cm

Depth: 9cm

You also have the collections of Falabella Shoulder Bags, these perhaps look more of a traditional crossbody style but still with the iconic trim. They are in the following sizes.


Falabella Shoulder Bag

Height: 13cm

Width: 23cm

Depth: 4.5cm

Falabella Mini Shoulder Bag

Height: 14cm

Width: 22cm

Depth: 2.5cm

Falabella Zip Mini Shoulder Bag

Height: 16cm

Width: 22cm

Depth: 5.5cm

As the Falabella evolves and grows (which we are sure it well, it has remained hugely popular since its release 2010) we will continue to add to this guide, and we hope you find it useful and it helps guide you towards your perfect Armcandy purchase!


April 01, 2022 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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