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Tory Burch: Who Is She And What Is Her Brand About?

We have received a few beautiful Tory Burch pieces into our Armcandy collection over the past few weeks, and they are beautiful. At first glance the Tory Burch products I’ve seen whilst at work have always been full of personality, painting me a fun, colourful picture of the brand as a whole in my minds eye. However, I realised I actually didn’t know much about Tory Burch or what her name sake brand represents. So, it was time to do some research. 

Tory Burch are the perfect mix of luxury and affordability. The products are of beautiful quality but their lower high end price point help them to become more accessible to a wider clientele. Her products are a mix of bohemian chic clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Her combinations of bold colours, patterns prints and materials give her brand a distinctive look, which matches the interior design of the store. 

Tory Burch launched the flagship store of her fashion brand in February 2004 in Manhattan and most of the inventory sold in the first day. Immediately it began to gain critical acclaim from celebrities and the brand began to snowball. When inside a Tory Burch store, it doesn’t feel like your average designer store. The tones of gold, mirrored walls and soft furnishings dotted about make you feel as of you’re in somebodies rather enormous walk in wardrobe in their boho-chic home, and it really does feel warm and welcoming. 
Tory Burch Store

In 2009, Tory Burch set up ‘The Tory Burch Foundation’. An issue close to her heart, it worked toward helping and supporting female entrepreneurs, providing programs for education, access to capital loans, and networking opportunities. 

Sounds like Tory has had an incredibly busy career over the past couple of decades, we can’t wait to see more of her both in the fashion world and regarding her brilliant foundation.

Tory Burch

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May 02, 2021 — Joe Green

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