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Are you French? Because only the non-French ask who is Jerome dreyfuss!


He was born in Nancy in 1974 and moved to Paris aged 17 to study fashion at L’école Esmode. He left after 3 months for a work placement at John Galliano, arguably a much better education. 


In 1998, aged just 23 he launched his debut collection to rave reviews and was labelled by the press as “the enfant terrible of French fashion” and became renowned for a quirky sense of humour. It was while with his wife, the fashion designer Isabel Marrant, that his accesories line was born. Apparently she looses everything (his words not mine) "this is ridiculous" he said, “I’m going to make you a bag". And it was while stuck outside their house one night, unable to see a thing, that the mini flashlight which you'll find inside his beautiful creations, was born. 


Jérôme Dreyfuss Billy Bag


All of his bags have male names. "I'm the kind of guy who is always making a joke in the office. I like to laugh and naming each bag is an extension of my humour”. His first bag collection was in 2002 and Billy was there from the beginning. 'Meet  your new French lover' was  Billys tag line...I think you get the picture of Jérôme!


"I only do what I like. I work in a really honest way. I don't follow trends. I'm inspired by my friends and the stylish women I see on the street.” 


Jérôme Dreyfuss Billy Bag


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