We’ve all heard it, maybe we’ve even said it... “buttery leather”. It’s almost a cliche to describe nappa leather as buttery, but it’s a description that works. It’s super soft, luxurious and, erm, buttery!


I’m a lover of soft fabrics. I like cashmere knitwear, silk scarves and brushed cotton pyjamas. So obviously, for me the softer the bag the better!


The benefits of nappa are it’s soft, pliable nature whilst also being tough and durable. It has an intact top-grain which means it’s breatheable and doesn’t retain moisture. And it develops a petina over the years which adds to the charm of a preowned bag.


It was invented by Emanuel Manasse in 1875. Manasse was born in Germany in 1842 but immigrated to America in 1864. He worked at a tanners and developed techniques which provide us with many of the sorts of leathers that we use today. The tanner was in the Napa valley, California. Hence Nappa leather. 


Our *new in* MULBERRY Bayswater is all the awesome things that you normally get with a Bayswater... but it’s nappa aswell 🙌



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