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Virgil Abloh And His Impact On Modern Fashion

When you think of key aspects of male high end fashion, many names may come to mind, including Louis Vuitton and the fast rising of Off White. If you are a little more interested than most, then the name Virgil Abloh may also come to mind. He was a man with creativity in his bloodstream. The son of a seamstress, he learn to sew at a young age. Whilst his earlier creative passions began in areas like engineering and architecture, in 2009 he took on an internship at Fendi (in the same class as Kanye West no less) which began his beautiful journey through the world of luxury.



Abloh quickly came to the forefront of modern street fashion, and in 2013 he founded his first fashion label, Off White, "the grey area between black and white". His vision and his fresh take began to shake up the purist of the fashion world.



The brand quickly found success, collaborating with brands such as Levi’s, Nike, Jimmy Choo, and even branched out into home furnishings collaborating with IKEA. Whilst his own brand went from strength to strength, Abloh cemented his position as a fashion giant when he was named the head of menswear design at Louis Vuitton in 2018. He was the first black designer at Louis Vuitton, and one of only a few black designers who have been at the forefront of French fashion houses. Whilst at Louis Vuitton, he created some of the brands most showstopping designs to date. Filled with creative ethereal intelligence, Ablohs designs take your breath away and add a whole new dimension to the timeless brand.




Sadly, Abloh passed away on the 28th of November 2021 at only 41 years of age. His legacy will inspire for years to come.


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February 01, 2022 — Isobel Rogers-Boulden

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