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How To Authenticate Louis Vuitton Easy Pouch

The Louis Vuitton Easy Pouch is the ultimate crossbody. The compact size, firm structure and versatile straps create a well-designed yet beautifully structured bag. However, how can preloved shopping gang members be sure that we are buying the genuine article? Here are some key things to try before you buy.



With two removable straps, there is a good amount of hardware to check on this bag. Firstly, there should be three D rings, two for the straps and one for a charm. On all of these they should be engraved with ‘Louis Vuitton’ on the front edge.

On both straps, the two clips either end should be engraved with the ‘LV’ letters. The chain strap should feel as if it has a decent amount of weight to it. Not enough to feel too heavy on your shoulder, but enough to reassure you it is of good quality and strong manufacture. 

On the leather shoulder strap, each of the studs should say ‘Louis Vuitton’ on them. It is also wise to note the font of Louis Vuitton lettering, they are always perfectly space out and squared off. When looking at zip pulls, both sides should be engraved with ‘LV’. It is also good to look at zip itself. It should have even amount of material either side and it should be perfectly straight with perfectly aligned teeth.




The Epi leather of this bag is out of this world. It is strong, sturdy and durable all whilst being incredibly stylish. As they are so beautifully made, they should be firm. If you pinched the base of the structure, it should stay solid and keep its shape. Copies of these lack the same amount of structural integrity, so they may buckle under the pressure.

On the front should be a small flap tag. On the tag it should say ‘Louis Vuitton’. Again the lettering should be perfect, it should be straight, central and evenly spaced. One super helpful tip is that the exact measurement from the top to the bottom tip of this flap should be exactly 27 mm. Ours was made in France, so it also says Made In France. LV currently manufacture in France, Spain, Italy and the USA, so make sure the date code for the bag corresponds correctly with its claimed country of manufacture.

So, we hope with these notes you will be able to shop savvy when buying your preloved LV. Even though this Blog and accompanying video are specifically regarding the LV easy pouch, these pieces of knowledge will be able to help your authentication process in different LV products. If you are still struggling or a visual learner like myself, then take a look at our video tutorial for this on our YouTube channel.

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September 12, 2021 — Tamara Green

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