We live in a time where the fast fashion market has been roaring. People now have more access than ever to replicas of catwalk and high fashion trends, for low cost, high street prices. Sadly the negative implications this business model has left on our planet has come to light. Here are some fast fashion facts;

- Less than 11% of brands are implementing recycling strategies for their items. (Peppermint Magazine 2019)

- Fashion accounts for 20-35% of micro plastic flows into the ocean. (McKinsey, The State Of Fashion 2021)

- The fashion industry produces 1.2 billion tons of CO2 per year, this is more than international flights and maritime shipping. (Nature.com)

So, should the accessibility of being able to buy your favourite trends without it costing you the earth financially, result in costing us the earth literally? Here at armcandy, we think not. 

Throughout the world, people are taking notice and becoming more aware of their environmental impact on the world. Buying preloved is gaining popularity  because;

- Shopping preloved can get you great pieces of high end brands at the fraction of the price.

- Preloved has a high emphasis on quality clothing, and the higher the quality often means the lower the chemicals used in production. 

- Shopping preloved means you find more unique pieces which aren’t available in every store, giving your wardrobe a special touch which is personal to you. 

With the preloved market becoming increasingly popular, how about thinking what’s in your wardrobes that you can make some spare cash from to put toward your next preloved purchase, and if you find any luxury handbags? Send them our way at Armcandy Bag Co.

Isobel Rogers-Boulden