It's that time of year again. We leave the house in the dark, we need boots a size too big to fit 3 pairs of socks on, we walk past shops and houses who tease us with signs of warmth when we're trudging by outside in the cold, and then it's dark again before we have our afternoon coffee.

Apparently there are people who love this sort of thing. They love the contrast of the bleak walk from the tube station to their centrally heated flat. The reward of a hot chocolate after an icy toes dog walk. Bringing quilts downstairs to avoid hypothermia while watching Blue Planet. 

Louis Vuitton Lockit Yayoi KusamaFor the rest of us there's this Louis Vuitton. 

If like me you long for sundrenched beaches, toes free of woolly wrappings and cocktails whilst bikini clad and watching the sunset in Ibiza, then this might just cheer up your winter.

Featuring Yayoi Kusamas iconic Infinity Dots pattern, this limited edition Lockit is a guaranteed (almost) S.A.D lamp replacement. You're welcome 😎.


Tamara Green