Prada black purse sitting on a lightbox                           Customer admiring Louis Vuitton Pochette

 We had a fabulous time at our pop-up shop hosted by Lily Loves Shopping in Market Harborough. As usual, me and Jodie (LLS owner) laughed our socks off and put the world to rights before our first cuppa! 

                        Two young girls with free hot chocolate and lily loves shopping carrier bags                          All Saints Darling Bowling Bag



Lily Loves Shopping is a gorge little store selling everything for an awesome home. Including light boxes, rose gold cutlery and pineapple coat hooks... what's not to like? Check them out here: 

Bring me coffee and I will love you forever notebook  Lily Loves Shopping shop front  Rose gold cutlery



Compostable takeaway cup

 We gave away free hot chocolate to all our guests and visitors, as it's January, and a bit of extra sugar is needed on cold shopping days to keep energy levels high. And, in keeping with our 'if we can, we do' mantra, we managed to source cups and lids that were made from sustainably sourced paper and were 100% compostable and biodegradable... because there's nothing like a guilt free, loaded with cream, hot choc!

Tamara Green