When us fashion lovers think of Kate Spade, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind could be the bright colour pallets or perhaps the unique shapes and styles of their signature looks; but how much do we know about the face behind the name. In 1991, Kate Brosnahan was working at ‘Mademoiselle’ magazine when she had the inspiration to leave to begin the creation of her own handbag line.

To begin, she started to visit second hand shops for inspiration toward the shapes and textiles which she would like to incorporate, then heading home to try to recreate the shapes she desired out of large sheets of white paper. 

In January of 1993, together with her partner that would later become her husband, the brand ‘Kate Spade’ was founded. In their very first collection, they featured just 6 bags. After 3 years of financial loss, by 1996 the company finally broke even. This lead to the opening of the very first Kate Spade store in Soho New York. Then began the snowball of the brands success and Kates vision, leading to Kate Spade becoming Glamour magazines ‘Woman Of The Year’ in 2002.

Kate spade at Armcandybagco                    Kate Spade at Armcandybagco

In 2007, both the Spades left their namesake company. Kate used her time to focus on her philanthropy work and raising her daughter, work which she kept up until her tragic death in 2018. Kate’s signature colour pallets and fun designs are still reflected in the modern day Kate Spade accessories, leaving her iconic legacy as bright as ever.

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