When Hedi Slimone joined YSL as their creative director in 2012, he made quite the impact. Firstly, by dropping the ‘Y’ in ‘YSL’ in his rebranding of the fashion house empire, now called ‘Saint Laurent’ amongst its ready to wear line. Secondly, he may have created a modern classic.

The ‘Sac De Jour’ was released in 2013. Its name meaning ‘bag of the day’, and how fitting that name is. Since it’s release, it has gained much iconic recognition as an ‘it’ bag, gaining popularity amongst Saint Laurent’s celebrity clientele. However, the Sac De Jour has remained in the spotlight and stood the test of time, gradually securing its place in the hall of iconic handbags fame, to become a classic.

With its comparisons to the one and only Hermès Birkin, it’s no wonder that it’s popularity continues to escalate, particularly as it comes in 4 sizes and a variety of colours and fabrics. Factor in it being more readily available than the Birkin, not to mention a lot kinder to the purse strings, this bag of the day has rightly claimed our affection and is here to stay.

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Isobel Rogers-Boulden